Thursday, October 1, 2009


  1. Hi Eki! Thank you so much for the super cute and sparkly hime key fob! I absolutely adore it. :D It was my first purchase and likely not my last! xoxo

  2. Hi Eki! I recently won May (May's beauty obsession)'s giveaway, and she was being such a sweetie and gave me my first ever Eki hairpin with this beautiful white flower w/ pink rim. I wore it today with a bun, I received so much compliments :) Thank you for making my day, and can't wait to see more creations from you! <3

  3. Eki~~ Thank you so much for everything. All the stuff you made all love gorgeous and fits perfectly with my personality ^___^

    I even posted up pictures of my opening up the package you sent, step by step, posted up on my blog <3

    Thanks again!!

  4. ekiii I LOVE MY BAG! thank you thank you<3

    i did a yt vid on your amazing bag<33 i can't wait to see more great things made by yooou!

    it won't let me link it =[[

  5. the purse i received from you is my new favorite! it makes me feel so dainty and cute whenever i carry it. i'll def be purchasing from you again soon. thank you thank you thank you!

  6. I looove the pouch, headband and all those extras you gave me!! keep doing what you're doing I look forward to your future creations ^^

  7. I love the pouch, super cute and roomy just as you said! Carries all my makeup with no trouble. It's so well made, you did an awesome job, can't wait to see more of your handmade crafts!

    Also, thanks for the little bonuses as well :) Loved the sweets especially!

  8. I love all my bows from EkiLove!! You can tell that each was made with love and detail! Also attention to the customer as well!! Also love that Eki provides them in a different assortment of clips!

  9. I love the hair pins and headband bow that I got ^___^ all materials are very good and the detailing is awesome! It's all made with pure love and you can definitely tell<3


  11. Hi Eki-Chan, Congratulations on the launch of your online store! It is very much kawaii! And I love love love the charmy bows and hime pokadot cosmetic pouch! Great quality and as your saying goes "made with lots of Eki LOVE"

  12. Hihi ♥ Thank you so much for eeeverything :D I lovelove all the cutie pins (I use one pretty much every day) & especially the keyfob!! Plus all the goodies =) I will definitely be making pleeentyy more orders soon XD

    Here's my posts-

  13. Hi Eki! I love the Hime Pouch that you made, it's super cute, roomy, and well made. Everything you design is always so kawaii and one of a kind. I will definitely be ordering more from you in the future! I actually wanted some items but they were already sold out before I even got here.

    Here's a link to my post about your pouch:

  14. oh i forgot to link my blog when i comment up there whoops! here it is! love the layout btw!

  15. Eki is the most amazing & talanted person ever.

    is put into every single one of her pieces & is reflected in her final products. No one would be able to create the beautiful designs she does, without her love. And every order is packaged with lots of care <3

    of her products are top notch. Her bows/pouches/accessories are all made with such high quailty & I have never had any issues with any of my pieces breaking. None of her bows have frayed OR broken off their clips (unlike some other handmade bows I've bought from other people)

    every since one of Eki's pieces is original. You will never find anything quite as detailed or cute as what Eki makes anywhere else! :)

    Purchase anything from Eki, and you definitely won't be disappointed! ^__^

  16. Hi Eki, I love the hair bows and the cupcake makeup pouch from you. They are very well made and the pouch is very cute and roomy and most important it was made with lots of love and care by you. I carry my Eki pouch everywehre I go. Also, I suggest everyone to get the zipper charms to go with your pouch. It's sooooo cute! ^_^

  17. Hello!

    I love the beautiful kawaii and pink pouch that Eki made for me. I get complements on it all the time. :) It's so nice and roomy, I have enough space to carry all the things I need like makeup and my toothbrush. I get happy every time I pull out the lovely and useful pouch. :) Thank you for the wonderful product Eki! It's so nice and well-made.

    I also adore her hair bows and ties. They're so adorable!

    If anyone is interested, here is a ink to the one I bought:

  18. Hi Eki! Thank you very much for your wonderful make-up bag "pinky pouch" !

    I like your love for detail and kawaii things. Keep up your lovely work, because it is very sweet and made with love. :D

    I appreciate your individual style, go on this way!

    Best wishes,

  19. hi eki,

    thanks so much for making the small pouch into a gorgeous purse for me! i really love it. all my friends think it's adorable as well. thanks for all the hard work that you put into it. i really appreciate it!


  20. hi eki :)

    i loveeee the kawaii hair clips i got from you :) they're super adorable and pretty. i get alot of compliments when i wear them. thanks for your kawaii creations!

    - erica

  21. Eki! the love and care you put into your products is evident! The designs are cute and original with attention to detail plus you are just too generous with your candies! :) You are awesome! Keep doin' what you do :)

  22. i love my brown and pink pokadot pouch from eki! it is so adorable and roomy, i use it all the time. eki's products are of the highest quality because she puts lots of effort and love into all her creations :)..not to mention all the extras she includes add a special touch!
    thanks eki!

  23. Hi Eki!

    Thank you so much for the Himebow headband. Very cute and pretty. I love that it can be adjusted from the center and to the side. : )


  24. Hey Eki, thank you for the the adorable pouch and hair tie! Love the matching hair clips and yummy sweets you included too, thank you! They're all so well made and were wrapped so beautifully like gifts <3

    Posted some pics on my blog too!

  25. Hey Eki!

    I just made my first purchase recently, and it arrived yesterday. I was super excited to find my himelove crystal earrings, zipper charm, romantic flower & the mini romantic flower. Would definately be hearing from me more often! :)


  26. Hi Eki!!!!! Ahhhh I got your parcel today and the items are SO CUTE!!!!!! X3 i loveeee the flower headband and flower pin soooo much^^ I showed my friends and they all agree that it's super cute! Thank you so much for the hair decorations and for the love note and goody bag~~ If I ever want any more kawaii decos, i'll definitely come back here!!

  27. Eki love hair bows are SUPER adorable and make sure you pick one of each of your favorite colors to match your mood and outfit of the day. I guarantee you that you will receive tons of compliments just like I did! Ekilove products are well, simply LOVE! <3

  28. What can I say that hasnt been repeated above? Erika is a really helpful, friendly seller and everything that she makes is of quality and so cute! She even follows up to make sure that Ive received my parcel. I bought 4 headbands and 2 bows; cant pick a fave as I love them all. Will be getting more in different colours (: Thank you for the great service and the lovely extras!


  29. Hi Eki - just received the pouch - its so adorable and fits everything I need to carry around with me daily (and more!). P.s my friend love the key fob + charm! Thanks again!

  30. hey eki,
    great shop ♥, keep this awesome job

    -Yunie ♥

  31. recently bought 3 lovely pouches from eki. all are of great quality and unique design. the time and love eki put into the pouches definitely paid off. also, the way she wraps up the items, individually, and throws in an immense amount of quality freebies and sweets, LOVE her. will be ordering again for sure.

    Thanks so much eki.


  32. Eki's "made with eki love" pouches, hair deco and accessories are just absolutely gorgeous and beautifully made. I have her Cutie Cosmetic Pouch and recently acquired her Airy Hime Cosmetic Pouch as well. They are possibly the BEST impulse purchases I've ever made! I love both of them and I show them off whenever I can. The Airy Hime pouch in particular is soooo pretty - it's the perfect mix of girly princess and sophisticate. It definitely makes me smile every time I see it or pull it out. <3

    Eki's love and dedication can not only be seen in her creations, but also in the way she individually packages every order! She pays attention to the cutest little details, and she always makes ordering a fantastic experience. <3

    I have blog reviews here:

    and a short video (starting off with MotoJewelry) here:

    I *know* I will be buying more EkiLove items in the future! Thank you so much, Eki!! :D :D :D

  33. Thank you eki for the love lock earrings. Very kawaii and original. I can't wait to wear them out ;D I would def. purchase again!

    - jenn <3

  34. I got three pouches, a bow pin, and a flower hair tie. I use the pouches as purses when I go out.

    It also came with hime heart earrings.

    Needless to say I loved it and the extras Eki does for you.

    The thank you letters, candy, lipgloss! Way too sweet!

    I will be long lived EkiLove customer!

    I can't wait for my custom made purse : )

  35. I just recieved my my melody pouch and it's super cute and you can tell lots of time and effort was put into making it. keep up the good work. I'll love to purchase more in the future!

  36. I got my Hello Kitty bag today and I LOVE it. It is absolutely adorable and I love the fact that each one is handmade so no one has one that looks exactly like mine. :) It fits a good amount of stuff and it is awesome because it's Hello Kitty, too! I'll definitely be back for more.

  37. EKI,

    Thank you for the love and the effort you put in for all of us.

    I really like the earing.

    My brother was laughing at me when i wear the pink small bow on my head..

    ohh yah I was suprised when I saw the burt's bees. ( thank you ^^) I for sure needed for this winter :P

    I will but the pouch next time!! I wanted to, but is always sold out.

    Take care EKI, this weather is makeing everyone sick.


  38. Hi Eki!

    I have received the kawaii pouch! Loving it!! - the ribbon, polka dots and the the zipper came with crystal heart! Shown all the love and hard work you put in.. =)

    Am so glad to came by your blog and your shop! Thanks for being eki!

    Lots of Love,
    TLLim from SG

  39. I had purchased some of eki's flower hair clips~they're super cute and made with care.

    Next on my to buy list is her kawaii earrings =)

  40. eki always has a great selection of the kawaii--be sure to follow her on twitter and her blog, otherwise they'll end up being sold out by the time you get there ;)

    all of her pieces are made with absolute care and love, and she has AWESOME customer service. after you order, she sends you an e-mail personally to confirm your order.

    she's ALWAYS soooo so sweet and so positive ^^ and talking to her or looking at my kawaii items always makes my day!

  41. hi eki,

    I purchased the ds game pouch from you and I love it! It keeps my ds looking sweet and also protects it :)

    The little gifts were cute, thanks for the bow and sweets <3


  42. hi eki,

    thanks again for the beautiful pouch. i've been using it ever since i got it! i love the color & design choice. i cant wait to see your upcoming creations!


  43. just purchased a new batch of items and received them today--



    hehe ;)

  44. hi eki!

    i just received the love lock earrings and romantic flower headband. i love everything! the quality is amazing and it all looks gorgeous. i'm eagerly awaiting new items. thanks for taking the time to wrap and package everything so beautifully. i almost didn't want to open it

  45. Hey eki!!

    I received the kawaii wings earrings and the lux bow today. They are SO cute & pretty<33 and the packaging was too adorable.. i wish i didnt have to open it.


  46. Dear Eki!
    I adore ur creations! I love the quality, it's perfect and they look more cute in person! I always receive much of lots of extras in each of the package I get.

    If u lived in my neighbour I would just run to u and hug u!!! THANK YOU!!!

  47. I recieved my pouch today and it couldn't be any prettier! It was very well made and you can tell there was a lot of time put into it. I love that it's so girly and unique! She also packed some extra goodies, which I thought was very sweet. =] Just wanted to say thank you and I hope to shop with you again!


  48. Hi Eki,

    Hello! I LOVE the bow clips and pouches i ordered!! THANKS A BUNCH for the free earrings and yummy candies too!!! I love how it was packaged so nicely (i even kept the hello kitty sticker and the heart clear wrapper!!) I've been wearing the earrings in school almost every single day (they're soooo pretty)... thank u thank u thank u!!!! TOTALLY LOVE my purchase!!! =D


  49. Hi Eki!

    Thanks so much again for custom making me the cutie pouch! It's so pretty and I love it so's well made and the little decorations on it are adorable. And the bows and hair ties are just love. I've been wearing them alot when I have my "lazy" days and it definitely looks like I put effect into my look ;)

    I know that I'll purchase from ekiLove again soon, especially with the Christmas season coming up! Everything would make such great gifts!! Thanks Eki!! ^_____^


  50. Hi Eki,

    I just LOVE the kawaii angel earrings. Wore them out as soon as I got them in the mail. Just too adorable. Looking forward to more of your pieces! Thank you x 10 ! ^^

  51. Hi Erika! I received the EkiLove Signature earrings today and I simply adore them! Thanks so much for making such lovely, quality pieces and shipping them out so quickly. I'll be back once everything stops getting sold out! Haha!!!

  52. I've ordered two of her earrings (love lock and angel wings) and they are simply beautiful! Its really sparkly and totally kawaii with a hint of classiness.

    Shipping was fast too and arrived under two days after shipped out!

    Not to mention she gave lots of extras like chocolates, candies, cute japanese stuff and ONE OF HER HAIR ACCESSORIES <3

    Packaging was kawaii to the max and I'll be doing a review on my blog as soon as classes are done for good :D

  53. I receive a kawaii wings pair of earrings today, like 30mn ago and I have them on right now ^^... OMG, the packaging is perfect, thoughtful and kawaiiiiii : I LOVE the snap barette with bow I received in bonus XD. The earrings are just so perfect : cute yet classy, can't stop looking at them.

    I'm SOOO going to order again.

  54. I received the kawaii wing earrings yesterday. The packaging is gorgeous, I took so many pictures of the perfect packaging before I opened it. I'm wearing the earrings right now, they are so sparkly and pretty.

    Thanks for the yummy candies and masks. ^^

  55. Hey there! I absolutely LOVE my angel earrings from Eki! I am actually wearing them right now! They are soo pretty, hearts+wings= <3. Great job Eki! I'm glad you made a store =)

  56. I've finally got them & I love them!
    I ordered 2 pairs of earrings; "Kawaii Earring" & "Angel Earring" a few weeks back & I just got them today!
    Fast shipping Eki, I love it.

    The packaging is so cute & pink! Garh it's too much cuteness to take in for one day. *--*!!

    Thank you EKI! EKILOVE <3

  57. I got my Angel earrings last week and they are very pretty, I wore them to my family Thanksgiving dinner and my mother in law loved them! It was difficult to open such cute packaging but it had to be done.

    Thank you so much! I love my hair clippie bows too ^^

  58. I got my Kawaii Wing Earrings today! Yay! I've been looking for so long for a pair of cute wing earrings to go with my Googims jacket. :D I want to get some more stuff after the holiday rush. I hope you have a happy holidays and can't wait to see more things that you create. ^_^ Thank you soo much Eki!

  59. I recieved my packgage today :) I love the Signature and Heart and Key earings and the Lock strap too. I can't wait to wear them, yay ! I will be back to purchase more creations ~ Looking forward to them !~
    Thank you Eki :)

  60. Ok finally did a review of the earrings I bought here in case people want to know how she packages her stuff and more since the previous comments helped me a lot in my decision of buying here ^^

    Pic quality may not be that good cuz I has lousy cam SIGH but rest assure that Eki's creations are ALL REALLY BEAUTIFUL and I am a picky person to begin with :p

  61. Hello Eki <3.

    I got your package 2 days ago and I was very suprised how cute and beautiful the packing was ^^
    Ah... That pink wrapping paper + nice silk ribbon. Big bonus for that penguin x)
    Took me a while to open them, 'cause I didn't want to break that wrapping xD

    I bought Love Lock earrings C & D, Kawaii Wing earrings, ekiLove Signature earrings and Angel earrings, and I got ekiLove Lock strap as a gift. They all are very unique and beautiful. I like them all very much. I also got some candies, lip balm and face mask. :P

    The shipping was very fast althought I live in Finland. :D
    I will definitely come back again to buy your creations. <3

  62. Hey Eki!

    I bought your one of your Rilakkuma pouches. I LOVE it. It's the perfect size to just throw into my bag. It's small enough for it not to be heavy yet fits everything I take on the go. The fabric is nice and SUPER cute. The lace detailing and zipper charm also add a nice girly touch.

    I love Rilakkuma! I was going to get the other yellow Rilakkuma pouch too but it sold out fairly quickly. hhaa! I hope you have some more Rilakkuma items!!

  63. Hey Eki, I received my pink Rilakkuma pouch today - thank you so much for the fast shipping and sweeties etc! The pouch is so beautifully made and I love it!

    Posted a few pics on my blog ^^

    I'll certainly be back for more of your cute creations <3

  64. Hi Eki,

    I have just rececived my special package from you. How delighted I am! I love the pink lace pouch and can't wait to use it as my on-the-move make-up bag. I'm looking forward to receiving more packages as I have ordered more. Really love your beautiful work!



  65. Hies Eki,

    the kawaii wings earrings are so adorable!!! everyone gives me compliments on them, you did an awesome job!

    thanks! ♥

  66. Hey Eki,

    I got the Alice small pouch..thanng. Haha! It's soo girly and cute. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

    <3 Nancy

  67. First of all, I would like to make note that I am writing 2 parts to this testimonial. The first part is to Erika (EkiLove) and the second part is for everyone else who is reading =]!

    To Eki:
    Thank you for making me feel like I am truly receiving a gift (rather than just an online order). What I mean is the effort and time that was spent on the whole package itself. I absolutely LOVE girly-ness and this was just perfect. The accessories that I ordered are BEAUTIFUL!! Also, the little gifts/goodies were very thoughtful. The e-mails/responses that you sent me made me feel so close to you as a friend rather than a customer-seller relationship. Thank you for making me smile =D!

    To everyone:
    This is my first time ordering from EkiLove and I ordered 4 accessories: Angelica Earring in AB Lilac, Cutie Earring, Flower and Butterfly Earring, and the Angel Earring. Here is a breakdown of ALL FOUR of those earrings: each one of them looked just like the picture! The colors of the crystals were beautiful just like the pictures, but shinier in person. I cannot tell you if I received any compliments from them yet since i JUST opened my package, but I know they will get compliments because they get noticed! I have long hair that covers my ears, but I tried all four of these on and they get noticed not only because they are dangly earrings, but because they've got quite a few fun things going on! Overall rating: A+!

    [[To be Continued...]]

  68. [[Continuation from previous post because of character limit =_=]]

    Last but not least, I want to share with you all the goodies/ presents that Eki included in my package! Let me remind you, this is my very first time ordering from her and she really did not have to do this, but she kindly did and I am very very happy =)!!!!! Erika also included her “Royal Love Charm on a strap” that came in a light blue velvet pouch as a gift, a “Beauty Story” Herbs cleaning Mask, and candies (cherry flavored lollipop and almond hersheys kisses!!!)!!! It’s these thoughts and details that just makes me feel so special! For this, I give an overall rating: A+++ because it is the thought that really counts!

    -->As far as customer service goes... This girl is amazing in getting back to you if not right away, then soon after! She is caring too because her e-mails are personal. What I mean is that she does not address you like you’re a customer and she is a bot (robot) on the other end when you have questions/concerns. Nope, she addresses you like you’ve been a of hers for a long time and she is extremely friendly =)! I had written the wrong address to send it to and sent an email to Eki and she responded right away letting me know that it will be sent to the right address ^.^! She was responsible to check in with me and asked me to let her know that the package arrived safely to the right address!!!! She is really sweet and nice! <---

    Ladies...or guys out shopping for your loved one’s a gift...Look no further if you want to be pampered, feel special, fulfill your girly needs, or simply just want some SUPER cute jewerly! EkiLove really has some amazing pieces! I’ve ordered four and LOVE THEM! The pouches are cute too! But I’m waiting for the right color to show up and then buying them ;). I hope this review helps! =]!

  69. I ordered the Angel earrings and they are absolutely everything I expected them to be :) They go well with everything. Service was great and I would definitely order again in the future.

    A more thorough review of my package can be found on my blog:

  70. I recieved the Angelika earing, Cutie earing, Angel earing and Angel charm today. They're so kawaii. I love the products as well as the packaging. Thanks for the Royal love charm, candies and eye mask. I will definately make another order :)

  71. Hi Eki!

    I received the pouch~ LOVEEEEEEEEEE IT!!
    Thankiew for your sweet extras too..
    =) staying tuned for more designs from u!


  72. i just received the goods!! will post them up shortly! very good quality and i love the earrings and the packaging!!!...thank you for the extras! XD

  73. I received my very first order from ekiLove and I love everything!! Everything is made with love and of high quality, and also everything is packaged with love. Also Eki is the sweetest person ever!! She put in some extra goodies in with my order. If you love kawaii stuff ekiLove is the way to go =)!! Much love for Eki and her ekiLove creations<3

  74. Thanks for the amazingly pretty pouch you made and the little goodies you've sent me with it! It is a pleasure to to business with you!! Will surely re-order from you! ^^

  75. Erika!! :) Thank you for the cute earrings! (& all the other lovely goodies) I love the angel wings! I swear I've worn them everyday since they arrived.. and I've gotten compliments. Seriously, your pictures, which are good pictures, hide the true size of those babies. They're much larger than I thought & even more beautiful in person! I can't wait until you have more stuff in stock so I can buy them :D and the detail you put in your sewn pouches and PACKAGING is amazing! I can already picture your items in high-end department stores/boutiques :) can't wait to see them there ;) ♥ you!

  76. My second order from ekiLove is just as amazing as the first order. Once again the packaging of the items are amazing. Second time around I purchased the Heart and Key earrings in Clear AB (absolutely beautiful), ekiLove signature earrings clear AB (Everyone needs to own a pair of these!!), Love lock earrings (these are absolutely my all time fav! B/c you can mix and match <3), Royal Crown earrings (I swear these are more amazing in person). Everything is absolutely HOT! All ekiLove earrings are amazing. They stand out and it's like a hint of Juicy Couture vintage going full throttle with the Kawaiiness!!! The best thing about it is you can wear it for any occasion =). As always Eki includes some extra goodies.. This woman is amazing <3

  77. Hi Eki!
    I received the earrings and the strap today, and I loveee it! Oh, and I love the extra goodies too, although the candies are melted xD, but it's delicious nonetheless. Thank you very much, Eki, I'll definitely re-order.

  78. I just got my third purchase from ekiLove!!!! I purchased 3 of Eki's new creations. Shipping was fast and the package as always is soo cute a pink. It's like you don't want to open it lol. I purchased the Rilakkuma pencil pouch, the black hime pencil pouch (love the lacey touch), and the Rilakkuma Oragami Box (love the lacey touch). I love the fabric sooo cuteee =). All the pouches have a little charm on the zipper with a crystal, which is a really cute touch. I love her pouches because you can actually just put your necessities in and have it in your purse. They've made my bags more organized and they are sooo cute =). She puts a lot of love into everything she makes which makes it even better. I like knowing that my product was Wo-man made with lots of love. =) She is soo sweet!! Eki once again included some extras.. I <3 u !!!

  79. Bought an earring and a flower band a while back and as usual I was MORE than satisfied with eki's creations and services.

    Pic of the goodies:

    The lovely girl threw in the pink flower too as a bonus cuz I originally asked if it was possible to have a pink cum white flower (which can't be done btw since its fixed lol)and later settled on the white. For that, I am touched.

    She even added in a white flower pin, and there is her beauty mask (got me hooked on masks now :3) and chocolates galore <3

    Her earrings as usual was top notch quality <333


    Order from her, you won't regret it ^^b

  80. Hi Eki,

    I love your new creations and couldn't resist buying another pouch. ~smile~ I am eagerly anticipating the international delivery of your cute DS case..



  81. hey eki!

    this is my second purchase from you, and i absolutely can't wait to receive my package! :)

    the first one was wrapped so delicately and i really had a hard time throwing out the packaging or even opening it! XD

    i hope you keep up the amazing work, and your creativity astounds me! i will definitely repurchase in the future.

    check out my little shout out to eki on



  82. Excellent craftsmanship on the pouches. Love the inner lining-- VERY well made, beautiful fabric choices! Cutest packaging, good customer service!

  83. Hey Eki,

    I ordered the Rilakkuma pencil case and the Hello Kitty pouch and so lovin' it!My order came fast like in two days!Everything comes individually wrapped in pretty pink paper!!Like,many of you have said already u almost don't wanna open it,lol:)The extra goodies like the candy and face mask is very sweet too.Customer service is great as well,it shows that you really do care about your customer,which is unheard of in businesses today...which makes you a stand out!I will definitely be ordering again soon!

    Thank you again for your cute creations!!


  84. Absolutely love the earrings and hair accessories that I received from Eki. They were absolutely adorable and they are my ultimate favourite! Eki is a very caring person and she is very caring when she answers your emails. She also packages all the items very neatly and puts lots of LOVE into them. I would definitely purchase from her again. I am excited to see her new earrings :)

  85. Hi Eki and everyone!!

    To Erika: I just wanted to tell you here that I am so thankful for the pouch that you sent me and I am really really happy with my purchases! You have always been kind to me since day one and been my friend since! =) Thank you and I will speak with you soon! ^__^

    To everyone: I received my second package from Eki today!!! This is the second time that I have ordered from her since December and I was so wow-ed and overjoyed by it that I created a blog JUST to show you guys EXACTLY why/how I got so happy!! Lol, I am not good with keeping up with blogs and such, but I think creating one just to post the pictures that I took of my package would be useful to those who are not familiar with EkiLove and Eki's genuine friendliness! So here is the breakdown of what I ordered: 1.) Kawaii Anchor Earrings, 2.) Royal Bow Earring, and 3.) Kawaii Bow Earring. Please read the full review at my blog:

    There, you will get a detailed review and see the gifts/goodies that Eki included in there for me! And believe me, by "goodies", I mean GOODies =).

  86. I received my first purchase of the Anchor earrings in the mail yesterday and was super duper satisfied with the purchase. The packaging was the cutest thing I'd ever seen. Ribbons were tied into perfect.. PERFECT. bows and everything-- even the face mask packet matched and it was just like a goody bag of happiness.
    The earrings itself were adorable and was exactly what you'd expect from the gorgeous and sparkly pictures that you see online (or better than you'd expect!)
    Overall, everything was perfect. The packaging, the earrings, the face mask that came with the purchase (which I have yet to try).. I really loved everything.

    Thank you, Eki! I really look forward to purchasing more items from you! <3

  87. Hey Eki :)♥
    I just received my pink checkeredbox pencil case and it LOOK BEAUTIFUL!
    It's so spacious that it not only fits my pens, I can also fit my lipgloss and burt's bee chapstick. I'm hoping to see more of your handmade goodies. They look so feminine and girlious. Thanks again.

  88. Hi again Eki!

    I finally finish my review on my purchase from you. ""

    Lots of love,

  89. Hey Eki♥,

    I just received my package today! Everything came in a see through, polk-a-dot designed package. I didn't even want to open it because it was so cute to hold & look at. At the time I was viewing, she had two promotions: "When you spend $50 or more on ekiLove items you will receive Free bonus surprise gifts" & receive certain Beauty Diary masks when you spend a certain amount. So I spent more than $50 worth of ekiLove items!

    Eki responded fast to my emails & was kind of enough to make small changes to my order. I ordered: kawaii Anchor earring, kawaii wings earring, ekiLove charms (Angel charm on a strap) , ekiLove charms
    (Angel charm with heart clasp), & ekiLove signature earring. In the package were my items, extra gifts, some candies, & her business/thank you cards.

    The charms were packaged in a small cute blue bags; she knows I love blue! Each pair of earrings came packaged in pink boxes with a pink ribbon on them. All of the items were extremely kawaii & looked exactly as pictured from the website!

    Since I spent more than $50, Eki gave me extra gifts! I received a couple of her favorite Beauty Diary masks: White Truffle Mask & Mixed Berry Mask. I also received Collagen Crystal Eye Mask. When I opened my package, I realized I received one more piece of jewelry than I originally ordered. Another one of my bonus surprise gifts was a pair of earrings!

    I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase & definitely plan on purchasing more from Ekilove in the future. Her promotions definitely persuade me to purchase from her as well.

    Love, ☆francine

  90. I just received my 4th purchase from ekiLove. ekiLove items are amazing.. hehe That's why I keep coming back =D. Yay for Eki and her crafty hands!!!As usual my package came beautifully packed. This time around I purchased the Kawaii Anchor earrings and the Royal Heart Earrings. Both are sooo pretty. They are both really cute for everyday wear. Thought the Royal Heart Earrings were going to be too dramatic for causal wear, but they are not!!! Had to get them after I saw Eki wear them on her personal blog hehe. Love love the designs <3!! Eki also included some extra goodies/ surprises!! ekiLove= great customer service, great pieces, a sweet, beautiful and amazing designer!! What more to ask for!?! Thank you Eki hun!! Much love<33

  91. Hi Eki!

    I received my purchase yesterday! The earrings are soooo KaWaii!!! Very hime!
    She took a lot of care to package everything with very cute wraps and bows. Eki also gave me my first My Beauty Diary Masks ^^ and some kiss chocolates. Thanks a lot doll! I will definitely purchase more from Ekilove. -Linda S.

  92. Eki-chan,
    This is my second purchase from you. I loved my hair bows and clips. I absolutely adore my Signature earrings! They are absolutely gorgeous and beautifully made. I instantly get compliments when I where them. arigato gozaimasu :)

  93. Hi Eki,
    I received my items the other day and they are beautiful. I wore my Anchor earrings and recieved a ton of compliments. The packaging is super cute and I loved my extras. Thank you so much for making these items. ^_^ - *~Krys~*

  94. eki~ I received the anchor earrings last week and LOVE it. it's super girly-my style. people have complimented me on it. you seriously have the cutest packaging I've ever seen! =)

  95. My order: Royal Love Charm, Royal Crown Earring & the Kawaii Bow Earring.

    Let me say first off how great and super kawaii these items are! They were packaged well (very kawaii & pretty too) and she was kind and gracious enough to add some extras!

    You can see the love and attention she put into her work from the hand-made items straight to the packaging!

    I will definitely buy again & I can't wait to wear & show off the stuff I bought :].

    Thanks Eki!! <33

  96. I ordered the kawaii bow earring, kawaii anchor earring, kawaii wings earring, and the royal heart earring! I was going to get more, but they were sold out LOL and then when I came back for more new ones, they sold super fast! I'm sad :(

    BUT anywho, I ordered on Friday night(?) or somewhere around there and got them on Monday. I didn't expect it to get to me that fast at all! When I received it I opened the package but didn't want to ruin the pretty wrapping so I waited.. lol :) I got it and I forgot what I ordered so I had to look at my confirmation email. I was like HUH!?!? I only ordered 4 things and I got 5 boxes so I was like oh no you made a mistake and gave me too much!

    I realized it was a free gift and I love everything I ordered and received ^_^ The free gifts (masks, teas, and necklace) are too kind and I definitely felt the love that you put into these items especially the packaging! I'm definitely going to order more when you get more in stock :)

    P.S. I normally don't wear earrings either! Yours are basically the only ones that interested me :D

  97. I ordered the V-day special pouch. It came with free collagen eye mask, 2 teas, and 2 shiny business cards~ It was wrapped in pink tissue paper and tied with cute bows and stickers!

    It was a pleasure to unwrap and the bag is lined with pink silk! I am eyeing the jewelry next ^_^ I can't WAIT for your next update!

  98. My fifth purchase from ekiLove arrived today! I love being a royal customer just because Eki makes the cutest things =D No lie!! She makes you melt with all her swt love. She puts a lot of hard work into making these wonderful items!! This time around I got the White Pearl Hime bracelet, Royal Love necklace,and the Elegant Hime Earrings. These pieces are amazing. They are exactly how you see them on the ekiLove page. It gets better when you have them in your hands hehe. Very bling bling and kawaii! So pretty. Makes you feel like a princess. I know when she re-stocks they are going to be out of stock again real quick =P. All her items are always mesmerizing. You can tell each piece took lots of time and effort with mucho love. So please be patient with my dear Eki. God only gave her two precious hands <3!!! As always she packs everything so pretty that when you receive the package you sit there for a bit because you don't want to hurt the pretty packaging. Thank you for the extras love. I heart you much! =D

  99. This is my 2nd purchase from ekiLove and I'm more than happy with the items. I still can't get over how cute the packaging is and it never fails to make me smile when I receive it. I got the alice pouch, pencil pouch and crown cellphone charm. Everything is so cute and I love them! And I can tell that eki puts a lot of work into making the items and packing them. I will definitely be buying again.

    Eki, you're such a sweet girl and thank you for the surprise gifts along with my purchases. I will be sharing them with my friends so I can pass along the love. <3

  100. My second order from eki, I ordered 3 items this time, Kawaii wings earring, Royal bow earring, and Kawaii anchor earring. They're perfect, so cute and high quality.

    Eki also give me some goodies, when I opened the package I was like "Huh? I only ordered 3 items, why there's 4 boxes?" xD. She gave me one very cute earring, eye mask, candies, and my beauty diary mask.

    Thank you very much, Eki!

    It's so hard to take picture to show the earrings xD. This pic doesn't do justice of how much beautiful the earrings in real life.

  101. Hi Eki! I can't wait until I get my 3nd and 3rd purchase from you. I'm still loving the hair clips and headband that I got from you last year. I get so many compliments every time I wear it:) Thanks for making and putting so much love into the kawaii items.

    P.S I love being a royal customer<3

  102. Hey Eki!

    I just received my beautifully packaged pouch that I bought. You're hand-crafting skills are amazing. The pictures on your site don't give enough justice as to how beautiful the pouch truly is! The crown/heart zipper charm is adorable and really puts the finishing touch! Definitely a reccomended seller.

    Thank you for making such kawaii items & for all the Eki Love you put into each item <333

    -Vka (

  103. Eki! I LOVEE my Royal Love Necklace. It is absolutely beautiful! The pictures didn't even do it any justice. I could just feel the love and dedication you had taken into making it, even in the cute packaging and boxes! I don't think I'm going to throw it away just cause of how beautiful it was! Thanks for the extra tea and sheet mask too!

    I've already gotten tons and tons of compliments wearing the necklace. I love it soo much! I can't wait for your next update so I can pick out my next purchase, hehe. Super kawaii!

    Love, Vivien

  104. I have just received my packet. It's a joy and real treat to open it. Thank you Eki for putting so much love into everything, I can feel it!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink pearl bracelet - I am wearing it as I type. Feel so special! Thank you so such beautiful creation!

    My heart pencil case is really cute. I am going to put pretty pencil and pens to match it!

    Thank you also for the extras - I love them!

    Look forward to more wonderful creations from you.

    I have grown a bit collection of Ekilove. ~smile~

  105. Hi Eki!

    I received your handmade earrings today and I'm in love with them!

    The package was definitely pretty and the item soooooooooooooooo gorgeous, I really love it >.<

    Thank you ver much, and for gifts too!!!

  106. Bonjour Eki!!

    I opened my mail just the other day and bounced with joy at the package from you!!
    Your love is in every inch of the beautiful Spring Love necklace. <3
    Recently it has snowed here, over three feet in the last two weeks, and this necklace reminds me every time I place it around my neck that Spring is coming soon!!!

    I love it so much! I wear it daily through these cold, cold months and hope for warmer times on the cute little charms. I plan to wear it to Japan when I go in 28 days too! I'm sure it will sparkle just a much across the seas! :D

  107. I got my package today! It's a beautiful pouch and was packaged beautifully! I love that it came to my house so fast too!

    Thanks very much!

  108. Hi Eki! Thank you soo much for my beautiful necklace! I had ordered the Royal Love Necklace and it came in such a beautiful packaging that I didn't even want to open it! I made sure I took tons and tons of pictures of the unwrapping so I'd know how to put it back together afterwards! You could just feel the love in the whole package. Everything was put together with such love and care. My crown charm had fallen off when I opened the box but that was an easy fix. The necklace is soo stunning, I've been wearing it non-stop since I got it!

    Thank you so much for the extra goodies too! I can't wait for your next update!


  109. I have some type of ekiLove addiction..<33.Just got my purchase in the mail. =D This time I got two pouches. Totally adore!!! I got the pink Alice pouch and the blue polka dot pouch!! Love love both! Eki's pouches are amazing. I love to use them to store my skincare and makeups. Makes me happier seeing them all organized in cute handmade pouches. Also makes me much more careful of not being sloppy with my products.. just because I don't want to ruin these beautiful pouches. If you haven't gotten any of ekiLove's pouches it is a must!! Esp the Alice ones because Alice in wonderland is so hit lately =P.. As always Eki adds in some extra love love her!!

  110. Hi Eki!!
    I got my package today!!!!! Thank you soooo much for the extra gifts AND an extra jewelry piece. You are so sweet to your customers. ^___^ This was my first time ordering but definitely not my last. I love everything that I got & support your creations 100%. When I opened the envelope I definitely felt the L.O.V.E. when I saw how beautiful my package was wrapped and all the items I got. I can't wait to see your new creations in the future. All the best!! =)
    Once again, thank you so much Eki!!

    I blogged about my package here:


  111. Hello Eki!
    I received the pouch today - it is very well made! The packaging was so pretty and I loved the goodies that came with the pouch as well!

    Thank you!

  112. hi eki...

    my package came today... everythings thought out to the tee from the logo at the bottom of the lid to the free mask and teabags to give it the cutesy edge to the little frills on the ribbons... loved opening my package like a little girl... the eki necklace is absolutely gorgeous and im loving my new anchor earrings... definately wearing them both to work 2morro even tho both looks a bit OTT.. thanks hun


  113. Oh my gosh! I just received my first package this morning right before I headed out the door. I was pretty anxious, like 'pee my pants' anxious, to get home and open the envelope the entire day! When the time finally came I wanted to rip it open, but once I saw how much TLC Eki put into wrapping it up I didn't have the heart to do what I initially wanted to. She even gave me more than what I had ordered. I had ordered the pink Alice pencil pouch and the angel charm, and they are perfect! It was evident, they were really made with love. I can't wait for my second package to come! Thanks so much Eki <3

  114. I blogged about your lovely earrings and your store here:

  115. I got the package from eki today.. Gosh it was so well packed. Everything is just so pretty and mostly in pink! I got Kawaii Bow necklace, Gold Key necklace, Royal Love necklace, and a pair of Elegant Hime earrings. They are perfect and beautiful. Definitely a high class craftsmanship. It's hard to believe that she made them by with her own hands. eki, you're so talented, sweet and attentive. Please, please, please keep up the good work! :)
    It's been a really nice shopping experience for me. I will be ordering again for sure. :D

    Thanks eki!

    Blogged about it here



  116. I got my gold key and AB heart necklace and my blue polka dot bag last week! I love them both! The AB actually looks more green than usual and i love anything with keys so it's perfect. and the bag is super cute! and I love the little keychain that's on it. The lace is beautiful and polka dots are my favorite. :) The shipping was fast and you were so sweet to give me a discount! :D great job eki! i can't wait to see what else you come up with.

  117. I had ordered the Goldilock necklace which has the crystal heart & the gold heart locket on a gold chain. I absolutely love it!!

    It was perfect timing too because I used the locket with a picture of my BF & I and surprised him for Valentine's Day :]

    The package came with extra goodies as always.

    Thank you eki!

  118. Eki! I just adore your creations! I just received my second package in the mail today and it brought a huge smile to my face. I ordered the clear AB Kawaii Bow and Royal Love necklace, and ended up with a bonus pair of earrings just as gorgeous. Despite your crazy photography skills, I don't believe anything could ever capture and bring your items justice. Your customer service is really incredible as well. I love the extra time you put in to wrap the items, make the individualized notes, the thoughtful extras added, and the follow-up e-mail. Thanks again for the wonderful shopping experience! I look forward to future transactions =D

    As a side note, I just read about your recent bad luck and it just sets me on fire how horribly immoral people can be. I hope karma comes around to get them and yours will come to reward you too. I'm sure everything will work itself out, in the mean time hang in there <3

  119. Eki, you are an angel! I just received my 'ekilove golden key' in the mail today and it made my day! I love it! It was really well packed, soo pretty and with amazing little gifts. Perfect!!

    Thank you so much Eki, I'll definitely buy again.
    Love from France!


  120. ekiLove keeps me coming back <33 Love love love!! ekiLove bracelets are to die for.. So Kawaii!!! Amazing!! The ice princess bracelet is so pretty *all drools*. The crown necklace is seriously a must buy.. it's so bling bling! That photo does not do that necklace justice!! Eki's stuff are big hits! I was late to grab this time but grabbed what I could lol. I couldn't help but grab another Alice piece.. the pencil pouch in black.. It's so pretty and it was on sale. Get one while you can!! They are great pouches to hold small things =). Makes you feel all warm and happy when you get ekiLove pieces!! And when you wear them you feel like a princess <33 Eki always adds extra extra lovin to her packages and that's why I love her =D.. Thanks hun for EVERYTHING!!

  121. Hi Eki!!

    Thank you for the amazing package!! =) As always, I can't thank you enough for being so nice and sweet to me. Your genuine and caring personality really reflects not only in these creations but also through the chats and notes that you write and send me ^_^. Thank you for making me feel more positive with your thoughtfulness =].

    To everyone else: I have made an unfinished post about the package that I received today and you can find it here:

    I will be posting about the pieces that was in my package on another post ^.^ and showing a never-before-seen pair of earrings the Eki made and included in my package xD. She is amazing and her creations are just as amazing =)

  122. You are such a sweetheart and your creations are just absolutely beautiful! You are just such a wonderful person to be doing what you do. I got my package in today and I was so excited. I love my ice princess bracelet and my elegant bracelet. They are just so cute and gorgeous. I love the extra goodies as well. I am a single mother and I wanted to treat myself by buying some of your pieces and it totally made my day when I opened my package. I will definitely continue to support you!!!

  123. Eki is the bomb<3 I have bought from a lot of sellers online before but i had never bought from anyone who wrap up a package like Eki does. She is a very busy person so it really makes me smile when i can see how much love & care she puts into each packages. The way she package your order makes you not want to open it because it's so perfect. But sadly, if you want what's inside, you have to.

    I made my first order on ekiLove sometimes in January. I bought the ekiLove signature earring (i just lost one side on monday T.T), Royal crown earring, Royal heart earring, kawaii Anchor earring and kawaii bow earring. When i received them, i was so happy because they were such pretty earrings. Love love LOVE them so much. She even included a bonus gift into my order & a lot of extra goodies. You can really feel the love she put into her creations and package. Her creations are really high quality. She makes sure that everything is perfect so that they will put a smile on her customers' face. On top of that, she is very nice, sweet & pretty! Her customer service is great. I told her that i will come back to make another order and i really did.. because i couldn't resist her new items. I made my second order earlier this month and i just received the package today =D I will write another testimony about that after i open the package (whenever that is).

    Thank you Eki so much for doing what you do. I love everything you make and i will continue to support you!~ Everything is simply too cute to resist! Seriously, people, just take a look at what she makes and try walking away with an empty hand. Trust me, it won't work.

    Thanks again Eki! =) <3

  124. This is my first purchase from eki and it certainly isn't my last! I just wish she made more orders!! All the ones I want are always sold out by the time I get to order them :( This time, I got dibs on her rings and I love them! I love the way Eki packaged them as well..she really put time and effort into packaging them really cute! I love it! Thanks girl!

  125. I just received eki's princess necklace & princess couture bracelet today...& I'm so happy I got's so pretty on the pictures & personally they are much much prettier & definitely well made...package is so pretty that I don't even want to open the goodies...& she also sent me the hime flower ring & pretty pearl earrings for free...with eye masks & some goodies....shipping is so fast...the most beautiful pieces I own so far...& I want more...Thanks eki...

  126. I just purchased one of the rings and I love it! It's lightweight (which I love) and it's so pretty. This ring will go with anything I wear and will definitely be a "go to" ring! I also love the extras that Eki sent - maccha candy oishikatta desu ^^

    I also posted it on my blog:

    Thanks again!

  127. On my first purchase to ekilove,i bought the crown necklace. I feel like a real hime♡ ♥

    First, about the product.
    It is very light weight, with great quality, style, and above all, unique. Not only the pendant is gorgeous, but the chain is great as well, decorated with a crown on the clasp. the crystal heart, changes in color depending on the reflection of the light. Magical love~

    About the shipping.
    The shipping was FASTFASTFAST. Only 6 days to get to Argentina, which is great compared to the 2 or 3 weeks time most of the items take to get here. Not only fast shipping, but KAWAII presentation and packaging. Eki takes a lot of time and effort in all of her orders, to make a super cute packaging which includes, ribbons, cards, surprise gifts -like eye masks and candies- (yay!) and the lovely pink box for keeping the accessory. I stores them all XD

    When i buy items from eki, i get more love and style than what i paid for. It's a shopping experience recommended for everyone ♡ ♥.

    I will keep on buying and supporting you, eki~
    Thank you for everything!

  128. I'm so glad that i finally got my package. Thank you so much for taking the time to wrap it with love,hun. I can really feel the love pouring from it.

    The earrings are just sooooooooooooooo pretty!. it's really very elegant. I'm saving it for special occasions where i do feel the need to be princess-like because that's how i really felt when i tried it on.

    I can't stop touching it because it's really mine now..haha!

    Your talent is amazing,hun!
    Thank you so much...I so love it..

    can't wait for your next batch..your creations are getting better than better!

  129. Ok, so here's my testimony about my second purchase from ekiLove =). For this purchase, I bought the Ice Princess Bracelet in Rosaline and the Crown Necklace.

    The Ice Princess Bracelet is simply beautiful. I actually debated whether i should get a bracelet at all because i'm usually very skeptical about bracelets with toggle clasp, especially after i lost one back in high school -_- But after thinking long & hard about it, i just decided to get one and I do not regret it. I love the pink pearls and the large clear AB heart crystal; it is so big and sparkly. The toggle clasp is cute with a crown. It is truly a hime bracelet. You really do feel pretty like a princess when you wear it. I really like the charms. This is my favorite piece from this purchase <3

    I have yet to wear the Crown Necklace but i did try it on. It is such a simple yet elegant necklace. I bought this on the 16.5 in. Italy chain. I usually like long chains when it comes to big pendants but i really like how this one looks. I love how the clear AB crystal dangles from the crown. The crystal is huge but that was what caught my eyes in the first place.

    I got the pink hime flower ring as a gift for ordering over $35. Eki also included a bonus gift in my order to replace my lost ekiLove Signature earrings which i really liked a lot T.T Thank you so much!! The packaging was lovely as usual. She included a really sweet note, collagen eye masks and milk matcha green tea candies. They are soo good! I have 2 more left lol. Anyway, Eki is always so busy yet her customer service is awesome (dont send her massive emails though, it can get too overwhelming). I seriously love her<3

    Overall, i am 101% satisfied with my purchase. Thank you so much Eki, your creations are amazing! I will continue to come back. Can't wait to see what's next in your store =)
    Much love<3

  130. i am in love with Eki's work! everything she makes is so pretty and made with such care and thought! i love the fact that her pieces are hand-made so you can be satisfied to know that you're getting a unique item that you can't find anywhere else. she is so sweet to have included extra goodies with my package, which was wrapped so nicely i didn't want to open it.. but of course i had to lol! i especially like her jewelry and i'm looking forward to getting more of Eki's creations :) <33

  131. Erika is amazing and such a pleasure to deal with! I am so in love with my Royal Love necklace and earrings; I can tell that Erika spent a lot of time and effort on each piece. She was very prompt and kind when answering some questions I had. The shipping was very quick as well! I can tell she's Japanese too because she wraps everything so neatly and pretty! lol. The freebies she included are great too, and it really makes you want to buy from her again. The best part is the handwritten note of thanks because it just shows that she really pays attention to each order. Thanks so much, Eki, and I'll be back in the future to make more purchases!

  132. I can't believe to say how much I adore eki and her creations. Her generosity, patience, and understanding are all that anyone can hope for. My order was a difficult one that I'm sure eki was glad to fulfill! & honestly, I don't know how to thank her enough for all the difficulties she's gone through!

    But onto the actual items which are just as wonderful as eki herself partly because they're a part of her also. :)

    I bought quite a few items, the royal bow earrings in clear AB, signature love earrings in VL, royal love necklace, spring love necklace, and love charm couture necklace.

    All of the items were beautifully wrapped and I was most reluctant to unwrap anything! (but unwrapped it I must because I know that the best is coming!)

    She included her favorite candies and eye masks as well as a handwritten love note! :D (well, not love note love note, but a note filled and written with love!)

    When I unwrapped it, I thought...wait a minute, why is there an extra necklace box and an extra small bag? eki...she already told me she sneaked in a necklace after she mailed it out but I didn't know she included the ring (which my purchase didn't qualify for since I made it before the promotion period)! Super super sweet of her.

    All of the necklaces and earrings were exactly as pictured (and better, actually) and I was thoroughly delighted with each and every item (including the new creation she included as a gift!). I'm sure I'll received many compliments for them~

    I could gush on forever about eki and her creations but I'll just shorten it up since I doubt anyone wants to read an essay here: by owning an ekiLove creation, you are not just gaining a beautiful piece of jewelry to add to your collection, but you're also receiving eki's love, care, and invaluable friendship. & that, to me, was more important than the items I've purchased. :) If you're contemplating, DON'T because eki's creations sell out FAST and if you don't grab it, someone else surely will!

    I will definitely be making another purchase, and I have nothing but respect and love for eki~ <3 ^___^

    I've blogged about my purchase here:

  133. I didn't realize I could write more than one testimonial because I would've wrote one for each time I purchased from Eki xp. The pieces are all so gorgeous and I'm always super excited whenever she announces that she's going to be putting up new items.

    My latest purchase was the Royal Love necklace which I had been eyeing for the longest time. I'm so glad I finally got to get it! It really was worth the wait. As always, all the love and effort she puts into wrapping the items can clearly be seen. I love eating all the candy while marveling at the item. The Royal Love necklace is really cute and I can see why they're always sold out! I'm just glad I finally got to get one!

    I never feel like I'm just receiving something I ordered off the internet when I get Eki's packages in the mail. The way she puts everything together and the handwritten note she inserts into the package really makes me feel more like I'm receiving a gift. Her items and packaging really do make quite a statement and always show lots and lots of love. <3

    I'm completely hooked and will be back again and again to purchase her creations. I just hope she doesn't get tired of writing those little notes to me!

  134. Hi Eki:

    Thank you so much for your email. I finally received your package yesterday and was extremely happy with your very beautiful hand made items, and thanks also for including the pearl earrings. I can wear the pearl earrings both for work and play. In fact, I am getting married in July in Okinawa Japan and considering to wear the pearl earrings with my wedding gown. So it's a very nice surprise indeed. The packaging was very beautiful and you are very thoughtful to include candies and a hand written thank you note!!

    The package took a month to get to HK so if you are ordering from Asia, be prepared to wait; however, it was well worth the wait!! For sure, I will continue to shop from your website and recommend your kawaii items to my friends.

    Keep up the great work!

    Hugs and kisses,

  135. eki,

    I absolutely love your creation. It's very fragile and delicate. I love the crystal heart and jewels you use. One of the hoops actually came off loose when I was trying to put the necklace on me. It's okay now. I got it fixed =).

    I love your packaging and detail so kawaii. Definitely making a future purchase from you.


  136. Eki, I made a blog and blogged about my purchase! ♥

  137. Hi!

    I love my necklace! It is cute and beautiful and makes me feel like princess when I'm wearing it. The packaging was cute and very carefully done. Thanks also for the extra goodies. :)


  138. Hi Eki! <3

    I just wanted to say thank you for the necklace and the bracelet. Your creations are so beautiful and well made! I can see that you put lots and lots of love and work in your packaging. Thanks for the ring and the earrings, I love them! I can't wait for my next purchase. Keep up the good work!

    <3 Leslie Thao

  139. I received my Alice necklace yesterday and it was gorgeous as the items usually are from Eki. I haven't managed to become too hooked on gold yet but AH! the Alice necklace is so, so pretty!!! I think it's my favorite necklace from Eki so far <3

    Looking forward to my next purchase as always! <3

  140. Received my Elegant Key Necklace on Friday. My fiance saw me wearing it and said it looks very cute. Looking forward to your next creations!

  141. I just received my Ekilove order. Eki's jewelry creation are so beautiful, unique, and kawaii!
    Thank you, Eki for all the free goodies.

    I posted a review and pictures on my blog below:

  142. I received my first purchase from Eki a couple of days ago and wore the Royal Love necklace for the first time yesterday and have already received so many comments on it!! Everyone has been asking me where I got it! Can't wait to wear the Royal Love earrings to match it and the Crown Couture necklace too. Her creations are so beautiful and you can tell that she really puts a lot of time and effort into making the jewelry and packaging them. I didn't even want to open the package at first, because it was so kawaii! She is so sweet and super generous...she also included a face mask, extra gifts, and yummy japanese candies. Thanks Eki!!

  143. Hey Eki!

    I love your stuff so much! I just placed an order and it FINALLY came through! WOOT! Please keep making things with lace and bows! (I LOVEEEE lace haha)



  144. My latest purchase from Eki was the Crown necklace and I absolutely love it!! This is a bit of a late review but better late than never.

    Eki does such an amazing job at her craft and all her pieces are so pretty and it makes me coming back for more and more!!

    I don't think I have ever bought so much jewelry from one person or brand... Actually I never have until I stumbled upon Eki's shop.

    I can't wait for my next purchase to arrive to add to my collection.

    Thanks Eki for everything that you do!! Keep up the beautiful work <3

  145. Writing about my 3rd purchase from ekiLove here. I swear, I keep coming back for more because every time she post new items up, I find myself making another purchase. My collection is really expanding quite a bit since I just made another order yesterday lol... I have so many earrings from her >.< I guess I can say that the things Eki makes are pretty much my style. This time around, I ordered the Alice set (Alice earring and kawaii Alice necklace), and the Silver Elegant Key necklace. I'm not a big fan of gold when it comes to jewelry but I couldn't help but notice how cute the Alice set was.

    First off, Eki NEVER disappoint me with her packaging. I'm always happy when i see how neat she put things together. Packaging takes time and Eki is a very busy person, yet she still manage to make everything so pretty. You can really feel that she put a lot of times into packaging everything and you can most definitely feel the love and cares she pour into them.

    I got the Silver Elegant Key necklace on a 22' chain. I originally placed an order for the 24' but later changed my mind and asked Eki if I could change the length. She was kind and sweet enough to do that for me ^^ And of course, i was satisfied with how the necklace turned out when i received it. The key is huge but i seriously love how it looked overall. Eki also gave me an extra pair of earring as a gift. I loved it, very elegant!! She also put some extra goodies into my package. Green tea candies YUM <3

    Eki makes her jewelries with high quality materials, yet she set everything at a reasonable price, which I really like. Her customer service & communication are awesome. She informed me that there was a defection with my earring and told me she couldn't send it out like that. Then she said she will send out my package priority (which she really didn't need to do because i didn't mind the wait but thank you anyway~!) since she wasn't able to send it out on time and she didn't wanted me to have to wait for my package. I received my package in 2 days :o My experience buying from ekiLove had always been more than satisfying <3

    Thank you Eki for everything! You are the best! I will keep supporting ekiLove <3 I can't wait until my other order arrive as it means...more beautiful ekiLove pieces! Looking forward to your future creations ^^

  146. I love the goldilock I received and I cannot wait to see the other accessories that I ordered!! :] I love your items! they make me feel giddy and feminine <3

  147. Hi Eki, I'm so excited :)
    I made an order for my birthday coming up and I am so happy knowing I'm getting such a beautiful, handmade gift. You're designs are girly and feminine. Just my style ;) I also think you are so awesome for including gifts with the purchase. Thank you so much :D I will surely be shopping EkiLove again!

  148. My first purchase from Eki was hair accessories and my second purchase is a Gold plated Elegant Key Necklace. Both time my purchases was beautifully gift wrapped and came with free gifts. The necklace is very cute and the materials used was very high quality. I love it so much that I been wearing it almost everyday. My birthday is on April 10, so I just ordered the Key+ wing Necklace for myself and I can't wait to receive it! Thank you Eki for making these beautiful creations. Also, I love your blog, keep up the good work.

  149. I Heart Eki's Creations made with Full of Love and Love and more Love!!! from One Happy Customer (*^.^*)

  150. I love the key+wing necklace I just received-it is such a cute piece! The candies included were yummy and I can't wait to try the eye mask. Thanks for packaging everything with such care and attention.

  151. i'm totally in love with your jewelry and pouches <3 hehe i'm slowly building up a mini collection :D i'm always anxious for your updates 'cause i get worried things will sell out before i get a chance to get them! can't wait to see what you add next to your store! ty for taking so much care with your work <33

  152. hohoho xD ok srry for the late late testimony >_< i barely post things up >.< booh..

    My first purchase with Eki was the two pouches :)
    There's lots of room O_O to put my makeups inside them. I wish Eki can do them again so that everyone will have one. You can't find a cute pouch anywhere except here with EkiLove. That's what I see. I'm very glad that Eki made Alice pouch this month, its really beautiful :) Also for the packaging, THEY are super really cute! everything is made with love. EVE-RY-THING. That's really incredible. If you want to spoil yourself, buy from Eki. It'll totally make your day, for sure!!!!! THANK YOU EKI!!!!

  153. i just got my alice necklace today and I was so excited when I got it. The necklace is more gorgeous in person and I love how you put the whole package together. You put so much love and effort into everything and it shows in your creations. I will always be a loyal ekilove customer.

  154. Now I understand why everyone is so excited about receiving Ekilove, hahaha, bcoz that just happens to me yesterday too.
    Talking about a fully satisfied online purchase? This is the first ever online purchase that I’m so in love with!
    I’ve a feeling that I’m going to be addicted with Ekilove’s collection and am also having something in mind to start a small collection of each Ekilove’s category too! =D
    Nevertheless to mention that Eki is indeed very very kind in communicating with her customers and making sure everything is fine =) She was also worried that I would have chances of losing my package (**touch wood) due to our poor postal service here and actually offered priority shipping. I was very touched for such a kind warm offer, but then I didn’t want to accept it as it’s my first support to Eki.

    Eki dear, I had snapped pictures of Ekilove package last night, and will make time when my work is not that busy, to start a small little blog about it so it can also helps to give your other customers an idea of how worth it is to purchase Ekilove with no regrets but with love & happiness!

    Kelly =)

  155. I got Eki's hair bow chou chou today! It's so well made and not to mention adorable! It seems like something off a doll! I also got the Alice earrings and they are just as gorgeous as the necklace. I am never disappointed by Eki's items!

  156. I just received 2 pairs of earrings and a pouch today! I planned to give them to my best friend as her birthday gift.But after seeing how cute these things are, I kept all of them for myself. I don't really like pink (I prefer black, white, purple and yellow), but I love these pink earrings soooo muchhh<3 I think these are my first pink accessories ;D Thanks Eki<3 (p.s I like how you put a HANDWRITTEN note in the package.. I mean I can feel your love and careeee!)

  157. Hi Eki^^,

    I just received my first order.Thank you,it was beautifully packaged.I didn't want to ruin the packaging :3,because it looked like you spent time,effort and love on it.As for the candy, gaaah I love lychee and the ume was just too good :D

    The jewelery really is so cute and pretty,the crystals glimmer and sparkle.I really like them!Also the fact that they were handmade makes them all that special ^O^

    I will DEFINITELY order from you again ;P

    Much love,hugs and smiles :3

    Aminah xD

  158. Hey Eki!

    WOOT! I purchased my first pouch from you a week ago and I just got notified by my mom that it just arrived in my home in Toronto. YAY! My mom was exceptionally amazed by your work and called me right away. She loved it so much that she's asking me to order one for her too! Well this just goes to show how wide your fan-base is Eki! Every female needs to have something from your site! :P

    Well, I'll keep my eyes on your site for your next update!



  159. I absolutely LOVE my 2nd purchase from Eki. I ordered the kawaii bow necklace and the kawaii bow earrings. Her creations are always so gorgeous! She uses high quality materials, yet her prices are very reasonable. My crystals are so sparkly, and look so beauiful in person. I've received so many compliments on my EkiLove jewelry. Her shipping is so fast and her packages are beautifully packed and come with lots of freebies!! She also replies very quickly to emails. She's such a sweet person and so creative! I just made my 3rd purchase from her. I just can't resist when she posts new items up! I don't even have time to think because she sells out so quickly! <3 her!

  160. I made my 4th order (Yes.. 4th lol) with ekiLove during late March or early April. This time, i ordered the Key+wing necklace on a 18' snake chain, Elegant bow earring, and the Hime bow pouch in style D.

    This was my first time ordering a pouch & i dont regret it! Eki can really work her ideas & that sewing machine of hers ;D The pouch is bigger than i expected but then again, the bigger the better. The craftsmanship is really good. Looks so much better than those pouches you buy somewhere else. Only thing is i wish i bought another one cause i can't decide what i want to use this one for.. -_- but anyway, I will definitely buy another pouch from her in the near future.

    The elegant bow earring sparkles like WHOA. I like the gold bow but it's really the crystal that catches my eyes the most. I'm sure those who bought one knows what i'm talking about. The crystal is a small clear AB Baroque. It's love <3

    Eki included a lot more goodies than before this time. I was really surprised. She even gave me one of those Japanese Kit Kat! I think it's the strawberry one, at least there's a picture of strawberry's on the wrapper LOL.

    There are reasons why I love being a royal customer of ekiLove's & keep coming back to support Eki & her creations. This is because Eki is the nicest & sweetest person I'd ever met, and because the things she makes and sell cannot be found elsewhere. Her items are not only cute but also affordable. Every time i come here, i always have to buy something because the items are so pretty ( I stopped myself this time though). My experience of being her customer had always been a very pleasant one. Thank you Eki for being such an awesome seller. Love you <3!

  161. I've received my 2nd ekiLove package so quickly! :D I honestly adore eki's love and efficiency so much. :)

    I purchased several items and was happy to have the opportunity to grab the Kawaii Alice earrings and necklace this time around! I like them much much more than the "official" Alice in Wonderland jewelry that Disney was genius enough to come up with--way too exaggerated and non-practical.

    I was about to place my third order this time around but one of the items that I wanted was sold out so I decided to grab it the next time eki updates! xD I hope I'll be able to! I missed it 3 times already. x)

    eki's always so sweet (even told me not to spend too much on her creations), and I will definitely be making another purchase in the future. Royal Princess & Seaside necklace, you'll be mine next time. xD

    A more detailed review can be found here:

    Thanks eki, <33!

  162. Eki love is definitely my favorite online accessory seller. Her stuff is unique and reasonably priced. You can tell she really wants to share her creative design and not out to overcharge like some other online sellers. 2nd time buying from her and was suprised to get a 10% refund for beinga return buyer. unexpected yet totally sweet of her. also, the extra touches she puts in your packages are even more showing of her loving character.

  163. I received my 3rd package, 3rd pouch from eki yday!! I was so excited when I saw it in my mailbox.. Was counting down to the day it arrived.. :3

    The pouch with polka dots & polka dots ribbons was so lovely & sweet.. <3 Hehehe..

    Now I'm counting down to my 4th purchase, the 1st time I purchased a necklace from ekiLove.. Excited! :D

  164. I received my 3rd ekiLove package about a week ago & it was beautifully packaged as always. I bought 2 flower chou chous (1 cream & 1 white), & 2 different styled blue pouches. Eki also added small samples of her favorite Cellnique Sebum gel, collagen eye masks, strawberry chocolate kit kats, & some candies!

    I'm currently using one of the larger blue pouches (the style that looks like a pencil case) to store my everyday make-up products. It has a lot of space & I can fit much more stuff in it. I will use the other fancy blue pouch as a On-the-go pouch. It's appears very portable & looks spacious enough to hold my everyday make-up products.

    I'm currently using the white flower chou chou & love it! I'm using it just to put my hair in a ponytail & just simple yet elegant hair tie helps emphasize your hair. A simple hair-do made to look elegant ;].

    I haven't tried the Cellnique's Sebum Gel yet, but I did try the eye masks she gave me (eki knows i love eye masks ;]). The masks are wonderful; my eyebags look a little more lighter & the skin surrounding my eye has become a little more tighter.

    The strawberry chocolate kit kats were so yummy! I never tasted a different flaovored kit kat :D. The other candies were delicious as well, but the kit kats were much better ;].

    Eki's designs & products are beautiful & unique. I can't wait to order more from ekiLove!

  165. I have just receieved my 1st Ekilove necklace and I was so thrilled. You could simply tell she cares a lot about her customers just by the way she packages it and she would do everything she can to make sure you receive the packages safely. I ordered the Kawaii bow necklace and it was beautifully made. I surely will come back for more Ekilove accessories and I just can't wait till the next batch is up!
    Thank you so much EKI! <3

  166. I received my 3rd purchase from EkiLove on Thursday. I bought only one piece this time, b/c i'm trying to save $$ for my wedding in July. haha...i was so tempted to buy more though! i got the Princess Couture bracelet, which I had been eyeing for a while...but they were all sold out the last two times that she had them for sale. i'm so glad i was able to get one in time this time around! i absolutely love the's so hime-like and beautiful. as always, it was beautifully packaged and came with yummy candies. i love the hello kitty candies and personal note she wrote me! so kawaii~ haven't tried the eye masks yet...i'm saving them for a special occasion haha. thanks eki for another great EkiLove creation!

  167. My 4th package arrived yday!! I purchased Heart+Key necklace with light amethyst ab crystal.. It is really BEAUTIFUL! I am going to wear it daily! I fell in love with it when I pulled it out of the mini drawstring bag.. <3

    Thanks eki for all the goodies included! I love the star earrings! ;) I can't wait for you to be back!

  168. I purchased your Anchor necklace a few weeks back and I love the long length on it! It's a cute mix of charms and has great shine. :D I was a bit disappointed when I first got it because I was expecting a Bermuda color heart on the bottom, but the dark blue heliotrope color also looks good. :) Thank you eki for another great creation!

  169. I purchased the Royal Love necklace. It's so pretty :D I can't stop holding it in the light cause it's so sparkly. The candy was awesome too and the packaging adorable :) Thanks so much!

  170. I purchased the Royal Love necklace. It's so pretty :D I can't stop holding it in the light cause it's so sparkly. The candy was awesome too and the packaging adorable :) Thanks so much!

    Sorry for posting twice. Screwed up the first post >__<

  171. I bought ruffly chou chou and bow chou chou from eki this time. It's freaking adorable, I got a lot of compliments when I wear it. The package comes in timely manner and wrapped beautifully as usual.
    Thank you so much Eki! I love the candies and the masks too :D

  172. I ordered the elegant bow earrings from Eki and they are stunning. I love the crystals she used to make them and the bows make them look so cute! I'm planning on wearing them at my wedding :) My engagement ring and wedding bands are both white gold, so she agreed to custom make me the elegant bow earrings in a white gold/silver tone instead of the yellow gold ones that she was selling in the store. Eki is such a sweet and generous person. She always makes sure to include lots of goodies and ships everything out so quickly! This will definitely not be my last purchase from EkiLove~ <3

  173. Hey Eki~

    I ordered your stuff a while ago and just got around to writing this haha...Anyway I bought some jewelry from you which I lalalalaalave by the way~ I can't imagine how much work you must have put in them. They are just perfect! And I love getting compliments wearing them~



  174. I'm here writing about my 2nd round of stuff from Eki (from months and months ago)! I LOVE both pouches so much, I use both almost everyday, actually! You can see pictures here:

    Thanks so much Eki for putting so much love into your creations <3

  175. And... this is for the 3rd round of purchases from Eki. I don't have pictures up yet because they got mailed to my home in Vancouver and I'm on vacation now. This time, Eki released some hair Chou chous that were hand crocheted! She said the big bow one that I bought took her 2 hours to crochet so I'm very honoured to receive it. I never have any concerns with the quality of stuff made by Eki as I know she puts so much love, care and time into any of her creations.

    If you want to see a list of the stuff I bought including some pictures courtesy of Eki... here:

  176. I just got my package and it is more gorgeous in person. I love the details and you put so much effort and time into your creations. I cant wait to add more items to my ekilove collection

  177. Hi Eki! I FINALLY made a new blog post about my second EkiLove purchase. :D

  178. Hey Eki,

    I just received my order of the Q10 Marine Collagen SPA Beauty Masks! Everything was beautifully packaged; the package also contained some candies and Q10 soap sample packs. She communicates really well and ships asap. Thanks again Eki!

  179. A big hello from australia! ♥

    I received my pink camera/phone pouch in the mail today. Its just so adorable! I love how much detail you put into your products :)

    Thank you also for extra goodies! The green tea lolly is super yummy ^^

  180. Here to yap about my...5th(?) order from ekiLove! I took a break from the last 2 batches (it was hard -_-) but came back to order from the last batch because i saw some things that were just too...pretty lol.

    Anyhow, i ordered the Key Necklace on an 18' chain, the Sea Polka Pouch and the nautical Cutie pouch. Oh mann i love my new additions (it got huge alright)! The Key Necklace is gorgeous with the cute keys & lock. I actually wish i wore it today but i decided to wear another necklace i got from ekiLove ;) The Silver Elegant Key necklace, which i absolutely adore as well. The pouches are sooooo cute! My favorite is the nautical pouch because it's a bit smaller. I really like her sewing creations because she put so much care & time into them and they really shows. I originally did not plan to buy the Sea Polka pouch but i didn't wanted to pay for shipping lol... OH WELL!

    As usual, her packaging is amazingly cute <3 She included candies (GREEN TEA LATTE CANDY!!) & other goodies along with a handwritten note. Gatta love those!

    She's going to post new items up for sale today! Woohoo!! Can't wait.

    Thank you Eki for the amazing jewelries, pouches & extra goodies! Much love <3

  181. I feel very conflicted, on the one hand I want to rant and rave and tell the world about the GORGEOUS and wonderfully made pieces that Eki makes, but on the other hand I’d rather keep it to myself so I still have a shot at getting these beautiful creations before they sell out!

    You can tell that a lot of care and love that go into these creations, I’ve bought from other blog shops and none came close to impressing me like these did. When I received my first order I had nearly forgotten what I ordered because the packaging was so cute! Eki included lots of extra treats which I greatly appreciated and the handwritten note was very thoughtful.

    I just received my 2nd order today; I got the hime strap headband, elegance bow necklace, hearts bracelet and the gold kawaii bow earring. Everything was packaged beautifully and the pieces look even better in person! I am completely hooked on EkiLove and will definitely be buying again!

    Thank you SO much Eki, your creations are just as beautiful as you!

    <3 Susanna

  182. I just recently bought the hime hairband in pink for $12. It is really cute!! You can wear the bow on either side of your head (ie. left or right side depending on where your bangs are). The cloth design is simple yet elegant with its printed design and the bow is not invasive at all. It is obvious where people can tell there is a bow there, but not extreme where you look like minnie mouse with a giant bow on her head. The bow basically wraps to the shape of your head and does not awkwardly stand out. I did take pictures of me wearing the headband but haven't made a post about it yet... But just thought I'd share how I feel about it with you all~ Thank you Eki for putting the time to put together such a cute and hime item as always! <3

  183. Just received my blue heart + key necklace. Once again I absolutely love my ekilove purchase! As always it's beautifully made, you can tell how much love has gone into making it, and thank you for all the nice little extras! Keep doing what you do eki, I love your creations & I'll definitely continue to keep an eye on your kawaii store <33

    I've dedicated a post to the necklace on my blog here :D

  184. Hi Eki,

    This is my second order and I can't resist telling you how I'm in love with you items, they are so, so lovely! I won't be able not to buy again soon! Moreover, your package is reallly adorable and I had to show all of my new stuff on my blog. Thank you Eki!

  185. I received my 5th purchase on Tuesday. This time I got the hime necklace and angel earring. I think the hime necklace is my most favorite piece from EkiLove so far! It's sooo beautiful! I've been looking for the perfect long gold-toned necklace for a long time, and I've found it! The angel earrings are so kawaii! Love them too! Just made my 6th purchase Sunday night and can't wait for that one to come in too LOL

  186. Got my 6th purchase from ekiLove on Saturday. I ordered the hime bow earring. Sooo cute!! I didn't have any gold hoops before this, so they are perfect! Eki is so sweet and super generous! She always makes sure to include lots of goodies. LOVE the velcro bow she included with my last few orders! It holds my hair back while I'm applying my makeup, without leaving a dent in it! The candies she puts in her packages are always yummy too :)

  187. I received my very first ekilove purchase today and almost cannot believe that every sweet, kind, gushing word about this wonderful girl and her beautiful handmade items is all true- and then some! I bought a pair kawaii bow earrings and the kawaii pink pouch and literally gasped as I unwrapped the pink tissue and saw how beautiful they were. As stunning as these items are in photographs wait until you see them in real life! And the craftsmanship of the pouch is first class. I cannot say enough nice words about how smooth the entire transaction was. The items were shipped the very next day after I ordered them, and I received the package a week after that (I live in the UK.) Ordering from ekilove is a real experience, and I cannot wait to make my next purchase. I will treasure these items always. Thank you so much Eki!!! X

  188. I just received my heart necklace, I was so impressed. It was perfectly and carefully packaged with LOVE. it looked so cute and well put together, it had two cards on eki love and a handwritten note! it was realy great, very satisfied with purchase. Free gifts were sent to me too. It put a smile on ym face!

  189. i received my 2nd batch of ekilove goodies in the mail and it never fails to make my heart flutter and put a big smile on my face seeing how much love eki has put in arranging everything. all the accessories are super kawaii and they come in their own little pouches, keeping dust away from the precious jewelry :)

    Thank you Eki! keep making beautiful things! stay creative! :)

  190. Just received my earrings today and they are more kawaii in real life than in the pics on the blog.

    Beautifully packaged and made.

    I live in the uk and receive the item in under a week.

    Thank you eki!!

  191. I purchased a pair of earrings from Eki a while ago. Shipping was fast, communication was great and most importantly, the packaging was amazing. The item was beautifully wrapped and I didn't expect extra gifts.

    I will most definitely come back often to check out her new unique items.

    Thank you Eki!

  192. i bought your velcro hair holder bows, they're amazing. you shipped them out so fast, and thank you so much for the goodies that you packed along with my item!! (i love coffee flavored candy! <3)
    will be buying from you in the future!
    <3 kari

  193. I can't wait for my orders that I made in the beginning of the week, your items are so kawaii!!!! hope to get it soon :P anyway, the only thing that I regret is that I have just found your website last week, If I knew it before, I would order everything in your store !! :) Honto ni arigatou Eki !!!


  194. My boyfriend got me the awesomely cute LOVE-necklace as a christmas-gift and I really do LOOOOOVEEEE it so much! I'm wearing it almost every day as it goes well with most of my outfits and I get compliments on it like everytime I wear it. You can see me wearing it on the header of my blog!

    lippi ♥~

  195. A friend of mine got me the 925 Key & Hearts necklace for Christmas and everything - from the necklace to the packaging - is cutely presented. Although cute, do not for a second think that it wasn't packed well. The items were bundled into a bubble mailer so I received them perfectly - not a single dent or any damage to the box; and that's international shipping. Anyway, the actual necklace itself is stunning. Included in the package were a few freebies: sweets and a sheet of nail stickers. I had to definitely stop and stare at everything before trying on the necklace. Shipping-wise, I received the package in three-and-a-half weeks but that's forgivable considering it was sent during the Holidays. Other than that, I think I'm hooked! (And might even start an EkiLove collection, haha!)

    Thanks Eki! Your service and attention to detail is amazing! ♥

  196. I cannot say how much I LOVE your jewelry! I was so excited to open my package today, and I am pleased to say I was equally as ecstatic about each and every piece. The Love Dove necklace is *perfect* for the Spring and the design is so lovely - it will definitely add some charm to my spring wardrobe.

    I also love how you have necklaces up in support of the tsunami/earthquake victims in Japan. You have such a big heart and I loved the Hope for Japan necklace and everything that it stands for. I am glad to hear your father is safe and I'm praying for the rest of Japan as well.

    Take care and thanks again for bringing a little bit of Eki sunshine into our lives :)

  197. I recently purchased a pair of earrings (my first time) from ekiLove because I read on Eki-san's blog that 75% of the proceeds will be donated to the Japan earthquake/tsunami victims.
    The earrings arrived today and it's absolutely gorgeous!! It's so much more kawaii in real life and the swarowski is so shiny.
    Eki-san really put a lot of love and effort into it as the craftsmanship is excellent and the earrings are of high quality.
    The packaging was not only very secure, but also very cute. Little things like ribbons and a nice little box really makes the shopping experience so much better.
    All in all, excellent! I'm definitely buying more in the future

  198. I bought a pair of earrings (the Star Wing earrings) from Ekilove and I'm so so so glad I did!
    First of all, the proceeds are going to help great organizations (Eki, you have an amazing heart <3).
    And the earrings? Amazing. They are super cute and well made! The packaging really showed her love and professionalism as well. I wore them the day I got them and immediately got asked where they were from. =)
    This was my first EkiLove purchase and I'm looking forward to more in the future. Thank you Eki!

  199. i just receive the falling star earrings in the mail. been eyeing this for a while now and its so pretty. i love it. i know that eki puts lots of love and care into making the earrings. i will buy more in the future. right now i am looking at the headbands. so cute!

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